kolmapäev, november 12, 2008

Deceptively Delicious

Oprah'st veel rääkides nägin ma ükspäev päris põnevat saadet kuidas üks ema igale poole toitude sisse koogivliju paneb. Vahet pole kas ta teeb mingit kotletti või kooki, ikka suudab ta sinna a'la spinati või spargli sisse panna ning kõigele lisaks maitsevad need asjad veel paremini kui tavaliselt tehtud.

vot kui kuskilt saaks seda raamatut, siis tahaks kohe huviga sirvida!

As a mother of three, Jessica Seinfeld, like many busy parents, used to struggle to get her kids to eat right. In Deceptively DeliciousSM, she shares her solutions: Easy, mouthwatering recipes that even the most overwhelmed families can make—stealthily packed with unseen veggies, pureed so kids will never suspect. Deceptively DeliciousSM has all of Jessica's winning combinations, including cauliflower in mac and cheese and spinach in brownies. She also shares tips on making healthy snacks and improving store-bought foods, as well as advice on creating a positive environment around the kitchen table. Deceptively DeliciousSM is a godsend for all parents who want healthy kids, peaceful family meals and to never again have to say, "Eat your vegetables!"

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